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Cleveland Time Records would not exist without generous contributions from our community! 

Nonprofit organization iN Education, INC acts as Cleveland Time's fiscal agent, so all donations will be made through them! 

iN Education

85% of your contribution will benefit jazz and jazz music in the city of cleveland and 15% will go to iN Education's program battle of the teal which directly helps cleveland youth in the arts

Even better yet... your donation is tax deductible!

Battle of the Teal


Shell Oil Company

ioby Cleveland

Peter Pogacar

Amine Ourabah

DeAndre & Sona Nixon (iN Education, Inc)

Emily Lees

Daniel Peck

Adam Casebere

Brian Teubl

Christine Young

Jeremy Voltz

MINUS THE ALIEN (Alien Arts, Inc)

Matthew Alec Music

Tom Common

Laura Smith

Jon Hedges

Robert Cole

Minta Spencer

Derek & Maggie Kubilus

Jeffrey & Libby Archinal

Elizabeth Davis

Brendan & Carolann Novisky

Rob Edmisten

Deborah Hewitt

Linda Francis

Eric Willoughby

Michael Clark

Christopher Kurka

Richard & Caroline Young

Bryce Thompson (Window World of Omaha)

Meghan Novisky


Cleveland Arcade
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